Homeowners Insurance Texas

Home insurance companies base their premiums in large part on the safety of the house. Making your Texas home safer is a great way to save on your homeowner’s insurance. There are standard ways to make a home safer, like making repairs and removing dangerous appliances, but one of the newest and most interesting sources of savings is smart home technology. The smart home is a concept that is just starting to reach mainstream use. It is fairly simple: the various appliances, controls, and security devices in your home all get networked together to a central control system. That system can organize all of your home’s functions according to your preferences. So, for example, you can set up a range of temperatures based on the time of day and how many people are awake in the house. The technology is exciting enough on its own, but insurance companies like Texasquotes.com are also taking note of it as a potential way to make houses safer.
The reason for this is that smart home tech can act as a central monitor and alarm system for just about anything that can go wrong in the home. For example, the same tools that let the smart home hub hook into the temperature controls also allow for temperature monitoring. In addition, the smart home hub can connect to the fire alarm. The two sets of temperature sensing tools mean that smart home hubs can detect fire rapidly and automatically notify the fire department, and the technology can get the word out faster than old-style smoke detectors or human senses. This extends to other environmental dangers too, such as carbon monoxide.
Home security is a significant source of property loss and damage, not to mention potential injury, so anything that can cut down on break-ins or reduce the fallout from break-ins that do occur will get insurance companies interested. Smart home tech can do just that by acting as the central brain for a house’s security system. It is becoming easier and easier to obtain cheap security measures like motion detectors and cameras without needing to pay a monthly subscription fee. The hub of a smart home can connect to these tools and manage them automatically. You need to look at the brands to make sure they are compatible with the smart home hub you have chosen, but the benefits of integration are just as good as in the high-end subscription services at a fraction of the price. Your homeowner’s insurance Houston company will also provide a discount in many cases.
There are plenty of fringe benefits, too. For example, there are sensors that can detect pipe temperature to prevent them from freezing and ones that can sense moisture and shut off the water in case there is a leak. The temperature controls have much more efficient use of energy, saving on heating and electricity bills. All of these can add up to major savings because they head off the possibility of damage. Insurance companies appreciate that, because they want to avoid any home owners filing claims with them.
The bottom line is that smart home tech can provide a double savings, because insurance companies frequently award incentives for smart homes.

Health Insurance Texas

Health Insurance Providers Propose to Raise Rates in 2016

Texans took to the streets in jovial demonstrations when the Supreme Court upheld the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act. However, the celebrations could come to a screeching halt, as health insurance Texas providers are proposing hefty rate increases ahead of 2016. Flowing the ruling in June, many of the largest players in the health insurance Texas market, began advocating for hefty increases on their 2016 plans. The reasons for the proposed hike include the rise in drug prices and medical care in general. The insurance players also say that they had greatly underestimated the cost of insuring new patients. The proposed increase could see Texans pay more than 30 percent in the New Year.

Proposed raises set to affect some but not all health insurance Texas plans

Ben Gonzalez speaking on behalf of the Texas department of insurance assured the public that not all plans would be affected by the raise. During the previous year, the average increases were between 10 and 20 percent. Many of the proposals being made for the New Year indicate a raise of 20 to 30 percent. Regulations under the Affordable Care Act provide that any proposed increase of more than 10 percent for individual and small group plans must be publicly requested. The agency made this request in June. However, this was overshadowed because the focus of many citizens was on the Supreme Court ruling. The good news is that the Affordable Act Care is here to stay. In light of this, consumers will have to source for new health insurance Texas plans that fit their budget.

What does health insurance Texas cover?

Health insurance policies may differ when it comes to pre-existing conditions, however, health insurance Texas plans should offer:

• Emergency and hospitalization services

• Lab services

• Prescription drugs

• Ambulance patient services

• New born and maternity care

• Chronic disease management

• Free wellness and preventative services

• Pediatric services

• Vision and dental care services

Patients are required to meet the deductibles before the insurance provider pays for the health care services provided.

Health insurance Texas legislation

According to the Affordable Care Act, US citizens are expected to have a health insurance plan. The penalty for not having health cover is expected to go up in 2016. The law provides that essential health coverage can be obtained through an employer. There are instances when an individual may be exempted from having health insurance in Texas, among them;

• When a person is not required to pay taxes because they fall below the tax filing threshold

• When one is a member of a tribe that is federally recognized

• When health insurance coverage is unaffordable (amounts exceeding 8 percent of one’s household income).

Health insurance Texas options

There are basically four types of health insurance Texas plans in the market: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. These plans all have different premium charges and deductibles. There are many health insurance Texas providers and consumers have the opportunity to compare them side by side.

Planning Ahead for health insurance Texas

In the wake of the proposed increase in health insurance Texas plans, consumers will need to plan for next year. Those who had enrolled for health coverage in 2015 will have the automatic enrollment option. This means that they can stick their old plan provided it will be offered in 2016. Overall, consumers will have to review the eligible health insurance Texas plans and chose a plan that suits their needs.

Cheap Auto Insurance Texas

High Cost of Driving Without Minimum Liability Auto Insurance in Texas

Texas law, as the law in most U.S. states requires people who drive, prove that they are financially able to pay for the accidents they cause. Since most people do not have the ready cash to pay for medical expenses and damage to the other person’s automobile, that they are responsible for in an accident, many people carry at least minimum liability auto insurance.

What Are Minimum Coverage Amounts?

To meet the state’s financial responsibility law, you must have a minimum liability auto insurance policy covering $30,000 for injured person, up to $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage per accident. (30/60/25 coverage). Many people meet this potential financial liability with a minimum coverage auto insurance policy.

Many accidents produce financial liabilities for higher amounts than the minimum. It is a good idea to buy auto insurance coverage with higher liability coverage than just the minimum, if you can afford it, because a court will hold you liable for the total amount of damages, even those beyond what your insurance company will pay.

Liability auto insurance covers only the damage done to the other person or their property. Your car is not covered by liability insurance. If you have a newer car or a car on which you still owe money, getting collision insurance to cover your car is a good idea.

High Costs of Driving Without Minimum Liability Auto Insurance

Penalties for driving without adequate liability insurance can be steep:

• First offense: fine of $175 up to $350.

• Second offense: fine of $350 to $1000, suspension of your driver’s license and

impoundment of your car.

• Driving without a license and insurance: $2000 maximum fine, 180 days in jail, or


• Driving without insurance if you cause and accident with injuries or death: $4000

fine, one year in jail or both.

These are just the regulator fines you are charged while driving without minimum liability auto insurance. The injured parties can sue you for a unpaid damage to their automobile, unpaid medical expenses, lost wages and punitive damages. The total amount may end up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Avoid Fines, License Suspension, Jail and Financial Ruin

Accidents happen, so whenever you drive, make sure you have at least the minimum liability auto insurance coverage. The insurance carrier will send you a proof-of –insurance card, which you should carry with you. If you can afford to carry more than the minimum amount required, you can potentially save yourself a lot of stress in the event you cause a serious accident, with injuries or death.

What Liability Auto Insurance Coverage Pays:

• Medical and funeral costs of others injured or killed in the accident.

• Lost wages of other people injured.

• Compensation for pain and suffering of other people.

• Car repair or replacement costs for others damage.

• Punitive damages awarded by a court to the injured party.

Your attorney’s fees will be covered if the injured party sues you, up to a specific amount. If you are jailed because of the accident, most auto insurance policies will cover up to $250 for bail.

The key point to remember is, never drive without minimum auto insurance liability coverage. It is much less expensive than full coverage and most companies will allow you to pay monthly or quarterly for your plan. It is also much cheaper than the fines and penalties for not having it when it is needed.